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“Can You Change Your Bayesian Prior?”

1 July 2017 Comments off
DGM: “Is it legitimate to change one’s prior based on the data?”
Sometimes. A subjective Bayesian encountering completely unexpected data changes the prior:
In the philosophy literature, that has been compared to changing the premises of a deductive argument. It has been argued that just as one may revise a premise without abandoning deductive logic as a tool, one may revise a prior without abandoning Bayesian updating as a tool.
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SSC 2017 talk on the misleading nature of false discovery rates

13 June 2017 Comments off
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About the Statomics Lab

2 April 2017 Comments off

The Complexity and Statistics Research Lab was called “The Statomics Lab” until 4 February 2017. The word statomics abbreviates statistical inference and computation in genomics. David Bickel launched the lab in June of 2007 at the Ottawa Institute of Systems Biology.

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Mathematical Reviews

1 November 2015 Comments off
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Meeting: information theory & statistics

22 July 2011 Comments off
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Local false discovery rate

31 January 2011 Comments off

Efron clearly explains important recent advances in estimating the local false discovery rate. He also contrasts the methodology with more conventional multiple comparison procedures.

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Bayesian posterior as approximate confidence

22 December 2010 Comments off
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