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“Can You Change Your Bayesian Prior?”

1 July 2017 Leave a comment
DGM: “Is it legitimate to change one’s prior based on the data?”
Sometimes. A subjective Bayesian encountering completely unexpected data changes the prior:
In the philosophy literature, that has been compared to changing the premises of a deductive argument. It has been argued that just as one may revise a premise without abandoning deductive logic as a tool, one may revise a prior without abandoning Bayesian updating as a tool.
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SSC 2017 talk on the misleading nature of false discovery rates

13 June 2017 Leave a comment
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About the Statomics Lab

2 April 2017 Leave a comment

The Complexity and Statistics Research Lab was called “The Statomics Lab” until 4 February 2017. The word statomics abbreviates statistical inference and computation in genomics. David Bickel launched the lab in June of 2007 at the Ottawa Institute of Systems Biology.

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Mathematical Reviews

1 November 2015 Leave a comment
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Meeting: information theory & statistics

22 July 2011 Leave a comment
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Local false discovery rate

31 January 2011 Leave a comment

Efron clearly explains important recent advances in estimating the local false discovery rate. He also contrasts the methodology with more conventional multiple comparison procedures.

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Bayesian posterior as approximate confidence

22 December 2010 Leave a comment
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