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Analysis of -omics data

4 November 2011 Leave a comment

In the post-genomic era, sophisticated computational and statistical methods of analyzing transcriptomics and proteomics data are increasingly used to generate hypotheses and to draw scientific conclusions. Consequently, students in biochemistry and other life sciences need familiarity with such methods in order to critically read much of the literature. In addition, exposure to these techniques may help students interpret their own data in graduate studies and in future research careers.

The Biochemistry Graduate Program of the University of Ottawa is offering BCH5101 for Winter 2012 to meet this growing need. For more information, see Analysis of -omics data (BCH5101).

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Lecture notes

16 March 2010 3 comments

To access the lecture notes for BCH/BPS 4101, enter statomics as the username, and enter the password sent to registered students by email. You must use the same case-sensitive password before and after downloading the PDF file.

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Statomics the class: Coming this fall

22 August 2009 Leave a comment
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Statistics abused

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Information-theoretic analysis of -omics data

6 December 2008 Leave a comment

Information-theoretic analysis of -omics data

To view the slides and plots of the lecture “Information-theoretic analysis of -omics data,” delivered 17 November 2008 in BIO 5106 (BIOL 5506) Bioinformatics, follow this link and select “Download.” The slides are also available separately.

Corrected 16 January 2009.

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