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Quantifying evidence for genetic association

30 November 2010

Y. Yang and D. R. Bickel, “Minimum description length and empirical Bayes methods of identifying SNPs associated with disease,” Technical Report, Ottawa Institute of Systems Biology, COBRA Preprint Series, Article 74, available at biostats.bepress.com/cobra/ps/art74 (2010).

This manuscript adapts two new evidential, information-theoretic methods to the problem of detecting SNPs associated with disease on the basis of genome-wide association data. Both an application to coronary artery disease and an extensive set of simulation studies indicate that these parametric methods tend to be more reliable than a popular semi-parametric approach to estimating local false discovery rates. In addition, the paper reports that one of the two novel methods performs better than the other.

The abstract and the discussion section of the preprint provide more detailed summaries.