David R. Bickel, Associate Professor

Program of Informatics and Analytics
University of North Carolina at Greensboro


Biosketch (academic year 2019-2020)

David Bickel completed his undergraduate studies at Baylor University and earned his PhD from the University of North Texas. He gained experience as a statistician at the University of Texas, the Medical College of Georgia, and Pioneer Hi-Bred International before joining the University of Ottawa as an Associate Professor. His research interests include big data algorithms, multiple testing methods, and the calibration of p values. The lecture notes and dice games he developed for science courses were recently published by CRC as the book Genomics Data Analysis: False Discovery Rates and Empirical Bayes Methods.

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Biosketch (2013)

David R. Bickel has been an associate professor at the Ottawa Institute of Systems Biology since 2007. His research interests include statistical genomics and the foundations of statistics. After applying his statistical methods to the analysis of gene expression data, he has developed methods in response to problems with analyzing genome-wide association data and to measurements for smaller numbers of biological features (e.g., gene ontology terms or molecular species), especially from the metabolomics and proteomics domains. His work on the foundations of statistics focuses on hybrid methodologies, especially those based on confidence distributions, empirical Bayes approaches, and information theory. [Y. Yang, F. A. Aghababazadeh, and D. R. Bickel, “Parametric estimation of the local false discovery rate for identifying genetic associations,” IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics 10, 98-108 (2013)]

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